The Top 3 Jewelry Trends For 2020

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Jewelry Trends 2020 is just around the corner, and you really don’t want to be messing around on all the great stuff fashion gurus have planned for the coming year. You are in great luck because we have been taking a peek into all that’s been cooking around in the jewelry industry, and as a 2019 parting gift we have put together a list of three trends that will continue throughout the year 2020. So, better stock up on all of them while you can still afford it!


Guidance Jewelry Trends 2020


Jewelry Trends

  1. Single statement Earring

As much as it might look like an unconscious mistake a decade ago, it is now more of a deliberate trend. We saw models walking up and down the ramp for the spring 2020 fashion week wearing one large wholesale sterling silver earring, more specifically hoop earring like it was a fashion statement. For 2020, the wholesale jewelry we say put together all your radical accessory items together to create eccentric mind-boggling looks. The word is out.


Jewelry Trends

2. Linked Up Chokers

From layered long chains to body chains, we have crossed a long road to finally come to the conclusion that chokers are the most imminent essential for any diva that wants to get noticed among the crowd.wholesale sterling silver Big chunky linked chokers around your neck will make a statement before you speak.


Jewelry Trends

3. Free Falling Body Jewelry

Lariats will be staying for next year as well. We saw a lot of variation during this Jewelry Trends year’s fashion showcase where jewelry designers played along with the lengths, material, and design of these lariats making them go from subtle to sexy in a matter of seconds. You can take inspiration for styling from Versace and Celine.

Chokers, single earrings, and cascading lariats are a few must-have accessories for the year 2020.