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Your Guide To Bold Statement Making Silver Earrings

Sterling silver statement earrings are an essential accessory that every pro-fashion woman should have in her closet. Unlike other semi-precious gemstone imitation jewelry, sterling silver earrings do not leave behind empty pockets or mind-boggling bank statements that only confirm the prior mentioned phenomenon.  Behold, we are about to unveil the magic of statement silver earrings […]

3 Best Vintage Marcasite Stud Earrings to Buy for Winter Season

Winter season is about to begin any day soon and we are sure you haven’t bought yourself some winter jewelry that you’ll be needing to wear with those fluffy outfits. While you keep yourself warm by wearing headpieces, you might want to add in some nice vintage marcasite stud earrings to complete that winter look. […]

Top 5 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Products Everyone Wants

925 sterling silver jewelry

The Heart Of A Person Lies Firmly 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry 925 sterling silver jewelry has many great qualities to be admired and loved. Its’ got a shine of a thousand suns with the beauty of the moon itself. Every single piece of jewelry made in 925 sterling silver is phenomenal and everyone wants a […]