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Is Sterling silver 925 jewelry a good investment?

Sterling silver 925 jewelry

Is Sterling silver 925 jewelry a good investment? Sterling silver is all about affordable and lustrous jewelry which looks top-notch, enhancing your feminism—wondering whether it’s a good choice these days to invest in sterling silver 925 jewelry. Then, first of all, you must understand what 925 stands for? This number indicates 92.5% sterling silver with […]


925 silver earrings

Wondering why people prefer 925 silver earrings over other accessories? Want to know why silver is a preferable choice? Let’s find out! 925 sterling silver is the purest alloy of the silver metal that consists of 92.5% of silver and 7.5% of other impurities. 925 sterling silver jewelry could be your forever partner if you […]

7 best wholesale sterling silver hoops to get for daily use

sterling silver

Wholesale sterling silver jewelry can be affordable and pocket-friendly. Most people think sterling silver is very expensive. On the other hand, some of them think this jewelry is of bad quality. These are pure myths as they have no reality. When taken care of, these sterling silver jewelry lasts for a lifetime. Sterling silver jewelry are […]

How to style sterling silver 925 for everyday use?

sterling silver 925

Are you looking for some styling tips regarding sterling silver 925 for everyday use? Do you like silver, or are you planning to wear it every day for your office or daily look? In that case, you might require some style inspiration to style your everyday jewelry according to the occasion and the event. However, […]

How to choose your perfect marcasite jewelry swimsuit or bikini

marcasite jewelry

Welcome to the final part of ‘How to choose your perfect swimsuit or bikini.’ In the last article, we will continue with tips and tricks on how to choose your ideal swimsuits. Hope you enjoy it!   ATTENTION THAT YOUR BODY CAN BRING: marcasite jewelry You won’t know for sure how sexy you are!   […]

Dress in style: custom jewelry be the prettiest lady in your office

custom jewelry

The perfect dress style manual for a working girl by a trustworthy custom jewelry manufacturer     In this ‘Dressing in style: be the prettiest lady in your office’ series, we explore the best garments you can wear to the workplace. Welcome the final part of this excellent series brought to you by an impressive […]

The best wholesale silver pendant way to return to the workplace with a smile on your face

wholesale silver pendant

If you have not already realized, the wholesale silver pendant end of the holiday may be just around the corner. Most experts say that the primary key to facing the return to work and routine is to naturally assimilate the end of the holiday season and turn around in real life with a positive attitude. […]

Sapphires, the most valuable gemstones jewelry in history

gemstones jewelry

Sapphires are the best valued and hardest gemstones jewelry behind diamonds. The color par excellence of sapphire is blue; however, we can find it in green, yellow, violet, black or transparent color as well.    These stones are often used in meditation. They say that its luminosity gives clarity to the interior of people. It […]