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Similar in composition with gold and copper, silver is a very malleable and soft metal which takes a very high polish as well. Although it doesn’t possess the hardness of gold, it still has a vast variety of uses, especially when mixed with other metals in order to make it tougher. Silver Watch

An interesting fact to know is that silver has a place among the seven metals of antiquity which were known to ancient man, the others being mercury, iron, lead, tin, copper and gold. Silver Watch Due to the fact that silver has been in use for several centuries, the history surrounding its discovery and early use are unknown.

Silver Watch If you’re looking to sell stunning silver watches online, sterling silver watches will be an excellent, high quality choice in many circumstances. The metal will not perish or rust. Additionally, if your buyer is able to maintain it well into the future, it will look great for a very long time.

Since silver is soft, it is advisable to take a bit more care with keeping it clean. Do not use harsh cleansers as they will destroy some of the metal within a short time frame. Below are 10 best wholesale silver watch options that will absolutely stun your buyers.

10 Best Wholesale Silver Watch Options that look Stunning

Silver Watch

1. Silver Watch Bands

Whatever the occasion, a silver watch offers seamless day-to-night appeal. You have the option of wearing yours at the office with matching silver earrings, chains or even rings!

On the other hand, you can play around with textures as well as tones by pairing your silver watch with gold rings and gold necklaces for a decorative look. Hong Factory offers you classic silver watch bands that are well crafted with lasting Japanese quartz movement and are water resistant.

2. Metallic Silver Watches

A metallic silver finish gives a refined look and a glossy appeal, making it appear sophisticated and cool. As an everyday classic, metallic silver watches have chick-looking dials that can be effortlessly paired with any jewelry including gold chains, hooped earrings and stacked bangles.

For a retro-inspired look, Hong Factory’s metallic silver watch options angular square cased silver wristwatches with etching details. The beauty of a silver watch is its timeless aesthetic which is perfect for casual and formal occasions.

It has a feminine appeal to it, however it also has a masculine touch. Take your accessories collection up a notch by purchasing this wholesale silver watch option from Hong Factory.

3. Patek Philippe Nautilus

The Patek Nautilus 5711 has fast become the favorite watch brand of watch enthusiasts. It is characterized by the markings of the classic Nautilus, however, it has been updated with a beautiful sunburst olive green dial sitting pretty in a stainless steel case that is perfectly outlined with 32 internally impeccably fixed diamonds.

This silver looking watch is an elegant sports model which not only carries a self-winding caliber that can be seen through its sapphire case-back, but also marks a new beginning for the faultless and classic Nautilus.

Silver Watch

4. Party Analog Watch by Fastrack

The party analog watch by fastrack is a stunning stainless steel watch with an eye-catching rectangular dial and a hardy stainless steel band which has a masculine and attractive look. Jewelry

This watch has an attractive dial, a sturdy build, quartz movement and a one-year manufacturing warranty. This is an excellent choice of silver wristwatch for wholesalers who are looking to catch the attention of male buyers.

5. Titan Octane Analog Silver Dial Men’s Watch

For wholesalers looking to capture the attention of youthful, modern men, this analog watch is one of the best baits. Silver Watch The watch features a round silver dial with slanted markings and a date display.

The crown on the case makes it easy for you to adjust the time, and the silver and golden stainless steel strap carries a three-piece sliding clasp. In addition, this timepiece is user-friendly and comes with a 24-month warranty.

Silver Watch

6. Timex Classics Analog Silver Dial Men’s Watch

This masterpiece features a silver, stainless steel case. Silver Watch It is similar to a stopwatch and uses extra pushers as well as sub-dials to measure time. It is made with water-resistant materials to keep you ready for ay adventure.

7. Maserati Time Analog Watch for Men

Silver Watch This silver-tone stainless steel watch comes with a solid case back, a round case shape and a fold over clasp and is a perfect choice for wholesalers looking to give stunning watch options to buyers.

8. Fastrack Analog Silver Men Watch

This silver, stainless steel watch is made of mineral dial glass material with a water resistance depth of about 50 meters. It is a great choice for wholesalers attract sporty and youthful men. It delivers range in amazingly quick cycles. Silver Watch

Silver Watch

9. Japan Quartz Watch

Powered by a highly functional oscillator, a Japanese quartz watch is integrated with quartz crystal. The current makes it possible for the quart to move at an amazing frequency. Our intricate silver watches like The Premier and La Flamme, Jubilee are equipped with a highly functional quartz movement.

The oval and square cases are water resistant at 3 ATM per 30 m and the round cases are water resistant at 5 ATM per 50m. It is an excellent time piece to wear for an important event or a special occasion including birthdays, proposals and so forth. Silver Watch

10. Vintage Silver Watch

With a silver vintage watch, you can never get it wrong. At Hong Factory, you have a Sterling Silver variety to choose from. Whether you’re a lady who absolutely loves to turn heads when you step out, or you’re someone who totally like to shine with a tinge of intricacy, Silver Watch

Hong Factory’s vast variety of adorable sterling silver timepieces will definitely make you glisten with sophistication. The impeccable craftsmanship of various styles and patterns as well as the use of pure Swiss marcasite stones will hardly go unnoticed. Silver Watch Our best sellers- Jubilee, Square, Panthere and La Flamme have got your back.

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