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For 2022, Pantone’s color of the year is purplish-purple. Veri Peri (PANTONE 17-3938) is said to symbolize today’s spirituality to transition, blending life into the virtual world for 2022. Read it and feel some power that gives us the courage to reveal ourselves. jewelry accessories

jewelry accessories come out to live a creative life Well, today we have some cool jewelry items that can be matched with a Very Peri look. Follow the fashion line with the color trend of the year. Let’s see how cute the shades of purple and blue can be matched up.

Matching jewelry accessories according to the color trend of 2022 Very Peri

jewelry accessories

A small bag for small things

Bag story mixed with lovely colors. Not to mention this brand would not be CHANEL with the CHANEL 19 HANDBAG bag. If you ask me which purple color has to be Light Purple of the brand CHANEL only, jewelry accessories

the color is soft, cherishing, looks good on your heart, can be carried around with every look. location This cute purple color definitely needs to be carried often. with a channel with the brand’s classic No matter what color this brand has, it’s a must-have item. It’s a good investment on beautiful items.


Nylon headband from the brand PRADA. Let me tell you that this model is in fashion. jewelry accessories Popular idols and celebrities wear a variety of colors. But to make bangs, it has to be purple only.

jewelry accessories You can’t say that you can’t use PRADA as well. In this year, it has to be purple PRADA only. This headband is made of nylon fabric. It is big and quite face. Suitable for fashion wear Any girls who are worried to wear and not fit Let me tell you, just put it on and let my baby see it lightly. That’s all, sis

jewelry accessories


Vintage style square sunglasses from CHANEL with purplish red lenses. Expensive is the strap with the brand logo attached and the little details that make these glasses look expensive. jewelry accessories

Easy to match with every look will be worn in the look of working office ladies Wear a cool blazer Wearing vintage red and purple square shaped glasses. jewelry accessories Looks like a class has leveled up immediately.  Silver

Spiral Earrings

jewelry accessories Coming to the Italian brand Spiral earrings from the brand Bottega Veneta that are often designed in various fashion styles that are brightly colored to satisfy all the fashion lovers, especially the spiral earrings.

Comes in the shade of lavender purple, paired with the brand’s Bottega Veneta bag, she will look chic as a hot girl. Secretly sweet with light purple The earrings are medium sized. jewelry accessories

Suitable for avant-garde girls who do not like to wear heavy earrings. jewelry accessories or dangling earrings to have a simple design But still not leaving the brand itself by adding a twist to the purple color ever.

jewelry accessories

Ring Jewelry

To add to the cuteness, bright, ending with a variety of jewelry styles. jewelry accessories Whether it’s purple stones, miniatures, pearls, each thing that is purple just thinks of it has a soft, cute feeling that you want to possess a lot.

jewelry accessories to make the purple stand out Controlling purple tones, there should be a cute, crunchy ring to suit a cute girl like us. With a heart-shaped ring from Amethyst stone, Fry Power is a brand that makes colorful jewelry in every color and style. jewelry accessories

From jewelry to the beach, to social events, every opportunity really exists. But in this ring, the specialty is Amethyst, a quartz stone, translucent, light to dark purple. The color gives a feeling of depth. jewelry accessories

discreet but deep Put it on and look powerful and beautiful at the same time It is also a healing stone to ward off evil. jewelry accessories and is the jewel of love Properties like this are not available to everyone.

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