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On a holiday or a day to go to work everyday, how do we leave the house dressed in chic outfits? I can only get sick because I have to wear a mask all the time. How good would it be if we used beauty to decorate our hair for a crunchy cuteness? hair accessory

hair accessory Change the look from a girl wearing a disheveled hair mask to Add chic jewelry. Today we will share the most popular items according to the trend. Who is a fashion girl? Korean line to visit cafes Or are you a K-pop fan? hair accessory

There should be one already attached. hair accessory no matter what hair style Just attach these decorations to go well and suitable for almost any occasion and match with every style in your way.

Best eyebrow Korean hair accessory ideas that every girl should have.

hair accessory


I guess there are many types. Both a thick wide line with a Padded Headband that is satin. or is it a normal cloth The pearl embellishment looks like a cute kid. Can match with a luxurious dress to wear to an important event. hair accessory

hair accessory The headband last year was a very hot item because Blackpink’s Jisoo wore a flat-colored headband. but looks cute And most importantly, it looks very expensive. Make a big, flat headband.

It became popular again until this year. People like to use simple headbands. What do you see soft hair? It can drive your skin and face to look brighter and younger. hair accessory

 Hair Scarves

hair accessory Stylish hair bands or headbands back to hits again Various brand names bring their own signature lines to play with headbands to make them look expensive and unique.

There are both Korean girls who bring cloth to tie their hair lightly and look cute in a casual look. and a scarf that is used to wrap hair in a boho style Perfect for going to the beach. hair accessory

hair accessory

Donut Scrunchy Hair Band

Donut hair bands are available in velvet, fluffy chiffon, or plain satin in plain colors, perfect for everyday looks, tying up any situation. Girls with long hair will know that this donut hair band. hair accessory

Just carry it and feel relieved. Put it on the wrist to prepare a hair tie during rush hour. hair accessory Hot or ready to eat, lightly tied, comfortable, gentle on the hair. It is one accessory that every girl should really have. In addition to being useful, it actually works. Tie it lightly and still look beautiful, very minimal.

Small and nifty hair clip

hair accessory Coming to the little hair clip, it is very popular among K-pop singers. Making it a huge trend, fans flock to buy it almost immediately, for example, the famous singer IU clipped her hair with a variety of colors of flowers. Silver

Pair it with flower earrings and a cute chiffon dress. It’s like a Disney princess comes out to sing. small hair clip There are many variations. The shapes of flowers, butterflies, stars, one clipped onto my hair is cute. hair accessory

Clip it to many places around the head to look more avant-garde, chic, very fashionable. Let me tell you, this look is perfect for parties. Who doesn’t want to dress up, loses to a gang girl friend. hair accessory Must be clamped into a flower garden, butterflies and flowers, not pretty or not cute, let them know

hair accessory


Hairpins in this era are not just black and pasted like tobs. as before but a pearl There are both plug-in models, fashion styles, currently are popular with Korean-style hairpins. hair accessory

According to the trend from female idols, Jenny, Blackpink, who likes to attach hairpins as diamonds and many pearls together, looks cute, chic, avant-garde at the same time. I can’t stand it when I see it. I have to find it myself. and retro style hair clip This time, it’s back to popular vintage style again.

Hairpin in the shape of English letters decorated with glittering diamonds. hair accessory with a large and thick bright hairpin Some designs are small but still emphasize the bright colors.

There are stars, hearts, and moon patterns. Let me tell you that this style of hair clip can be paired with street style dresses. Look at the cool in another way. hair accessory

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