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You should always carry a medical ID if you have a history of anaphylaxis or a diagnosis of severe food allergies – you shouldn’t leave the house without these two things: However, because a long period is always a long time, you should like the bracelet or necklace you’ll be wearing every day; ideally, it should be something you love and that complements your entire look. Sure, it has the potential to save lives, but it should also look beautiful. Medical jewellery

Medical jewellery does more than just look good it can save lives

Here are four firms that manufacture medical ID jewellery that you’ll want to wear. They range from silicone jelly bracelets (ideal for little children) to Pandora-style beaded bracelets and bespoke leather bands, and they’ve all been popular among readers this year. Medical jewellery

Medical jewellery

Lauren’s Hope

Denise Gaskill and LeAnn Carlson created Lauren’s Hope in 1994. The firm had a different name at first, but in 2001, they produced the first Lauren’s Hope for a Cure medical ID bracelet for a customer with juvenile diabetes who didn’t want to wear a medical ID that made her stand out among her peers. 3 Denise and LeAnn decided to alter the company’s name because the bracelets were so popular. Customers with different requirements began to request medical IDs, and Lauren’s Hope now produces a wide range of IDs. Medical jewellery

Beaded bracelets, amusing dog tags for kids, replaceable allergy jelly bands, kid-friendly bag tags, and temporary tattoos for kids who won’t wear jewellery are all available from the firm. Lauren’s Hope also sells medical ID jewellery made by hand. Medical jewellery


The silicone jelly bracelets with colourful patterns from AllerMates are geared squarely at children (but they’re undoubtedly entertaining for adults as well). With button-on allergy characters, your kid may personalise a multi-allergen bracelet. Even very young children who are unable to read can use the graphics to remind them of their food allergy and the importance of being cautious about what they eat while they are away from home. Medical jewellery

After Iris Shamus’s son had a severe allergic reaction to cashew when he was just 10 months old, she set out to develop colourful, silicone wristbands for kids with illustrated characters that represent major allergens.4 This led her to develop colourful, silicone wristbands for kids with illustrated characters that represent major allergens. Medical jewellery

Medical jewellery


MedicAlert is a nonprofit emergency medical information service that was created in 1956. 5 MedicAlert is a call service that allows emergency medical technicians to view your medical data in addition to selling medical ID jewellery.

Dr Marion Collins founded MedicAlert after her daughter Linda developed a life-threatening allergy. Linda came up with the idea of making a silver bracelet with her allergy information after years of wearing a paper bracelet with a message about her sensitivity. Her father had a jeweller make one for her, with the words “Medic Alert” and a medical emblem engraved on it. The Collins family went on to create a charity and pioneer the bracelet and call service concepts. MedicAlert now has a global membership of over 4 million individuals.

MedicAlert’s subscription call service is combined with beautiful, useful jewellery. They provide everything for toddlers and adults, from classic dog tags to leather wristbands and exciting sports bands. Medical jewellery

N-Style ID

Toni Bissell’s 10-year-old daughter, Camille, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, and Toni couldn’t find medical ID wristbands that were fashionable enough for her fashion-conscious child. N-Style ID was created. 7 Toni decided to make Camille a bracelet, and then another, and then another. This initiative eventually evolved into N-Style ID.

Hundreds of fashionable bangles, chains, charms, beads, jelly bands, leather straps, dog tags, and other accessories are now available at N-Style ID. Teens that like to exchange bands choose sports bands with woven-in motifs like horses, dolphins, tie-dye, and peace signs.

Many of N-Style ID’s medical ID tags are designed to be interchangeable. Wearers can save money by ordering just one stainless steel ID tag and snap-on bands in various styles and colours. There are jewellery collections designed specifically for men, women, and children, as well as a collection for seniors. Medical jewellery


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