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Cord Jewelry It’s a little bit more tempting to leave the infant with Grandma on Mother’s Day weekend when you see pictures of Tiffany Watson wearing one of these baby jewelry sets from her favorite Etsy and Pandora jewelry shop, Kendall wines.

She’s among a growing group of moms turning to this popular trend. Umbilical cord jewelry for new moms is a trend just like Pandora charms. This is actually a beautiful way to remember your baby.

Also, it is a symbol of connection and love and a talisman. These are actually the best part of the baby. You can either make the cord into earrings, wedding rings, men’s rings, or necklaces. Cord Jewelry

They have made the cord into both types and have used it with other jewelry pieces to represent my babies’ birth and the bond between mother and child. Cord Jewelry

It’s a beautiful way to commemorate the bonds that are made during the birthing process. Can you use the cord as a necklace? No. This is a must if you’re having twins and you are not planning on breastfeeding, you need to remove the cord. They cannot be made into a necklace. Cord Jewelry

Umbilical Cord Jewelry is the Latest Trend for New Moms to Carry their Baby’s Fashionable

Cord Jewelry

Ideal Gift Just like Pandora Jewelry gifts

Umbilical cord jewelry will be the ideal gift for baby boys this Christmas. If you want to have the best present for your dear son or daughter, then think about having a very fashionable and stylish ukulele that plays the ukulele songs. Cord Jewelry

The goldish wedding rings have such a great sound quality that they will make them like the real king of music and will always be a prized possession. Cord Jewelry

Watching the fireworks together is also a very nice experience for anyone. If your child has not learned the rules and regulations yet, then you can let them watch the fireworks by yourself. The special gift for the girl or the young woman is the jewelry set that is very interesting and will impress all the girls. Cord Jewelry

Vintage and Pandora Jewelry is the most popular gift for women in Italy. You can have a romantic necklace that will be very simple and will look great on the neck. A silver chain will make her look elegant and elegant at the same time. Cord Jewelry

Cord Jewelry

Latest Jewelry Technology

The latest jewelry technology is available now. In the above paragraphs, we told you that the jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes. This is the reason why many women choose to wear them. Silver

To wear a wedding ring with the right height is very important and the design of the jewelry is just the same. The engagement ring is a normal practice and the diamond is the only feature. Cord Jewelry

Cord Jewelry Now, the trends have changed and the more popular look is the oval ring for wedding rings. It is even considered as the best form of beauty after Pandora and Vintage jewelry.

We hope that we have prepared you for all the options that are available in the market. There are many jewelry factories that offer their merchandise on the Internet. You can go to their shops, order the jewelry and receive it in the nearest city. Do not miss these great offers! Cord Jewelry

If you have a lot of gold jewelry and you want to do something special with it, then why not buy the sterling silver wedding rings for your woman? Your love can be expressed in many ways and silver is the perfect material for this purpose just like the Vintage Jewelry.

All you have to do is add a special engraving and the message can be as deep as you want to get. Or you can simply use the sterling silver bands as wedding rings. Cord Jewelry

And if you like the idea of giving a little gift to your future wife, then you should look into the jewelry that is the symbol of friendship. Friendship is an important factor in every marriage and a ring with a special design can express this very clearly. Whether you are planning to buy for a woman or a teenager, then you should choose the sterling silver ring. Cord Jewelry

Silver rings are one of the best gifts for your beloved one and they are the best way of expressing your feelings. Make a special day of this special gift by getting them from our jewelry shop. Cord Jewelry

Cord Jewelry

Umbilical cord jewelry for babies

There’s a new, unusual trend sweeping the world of parenting. This time it’s a clever way to keep your baby safe by babywearing and it’s called umbilical cord jewelry.

“We have big plans to be a multi-million-dollar business and this is just the beginning,” explains Kim Druffel. The latest mommy trend is just like the Jtv and Blue Nile, the umbilical cord jewelry industry. It’s a growing business, started by Kim Druffel who saw a niche and seized it. Cord Jewelry

“I was in a car accident when my daughter was just a week old.” Druffel’s daughter, Abbi, had a severe brain bleed. Druffel received a teddy bear necklace made with the umbilical cord that still remained after she delivered.

She placed it in Abbi’s backpack. “We would use it to help calm her down because she was on certain medications that really affected her stomach and made her sick so we would keep her necklace close by,” explains Druffel. Cord Jewelry 

When she did so much shopping for items of the baby in her college, Druffel would always recommend browsing jewelry web stores surfing for the best deals.

So, when she heard about another mother making jewelry for her baby, she saw an opportunity. Cord Jewelry

“I think ‘you know, that’s a fabulous idea for a branded business and my little girl needs a branded necklace like that for when she’s older,” Druffel says.

Cord Jewelry

Druffel then got a lawyer to set up a corporation and patented the design.

Even with the overwhelming demand for jewelry, Druffel’s still able to stay at home with her daughter. Cord Jewelry

“Abbi just got over the stomach flu,” Druffel adds, “She’s doing a lot better today. She’s doing good to get back to her old version and old self.” Cord Jewelry

Cord Jewelry With a growing company, plenty of clients to meet, and even more ideas for new designs, the jewelry may even be the beginning of something big for Druffel.

If you’re interested in having umbilical cord jewelry custom-made, you can check their official sites and shops to reach the company. Cord Jewelry

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