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Whether it is a fashion statement or something to tell the world “I’m engaged,” celebrity ring choices have often been the start of new trends. Inspired Engagement Rings From traditional pieces to jaw-dropping statement bands, these rings have inspired many others to create similar designs.

As couples move further along the road, there is a desire to take their relationship to the next level. Perhaps you have finally decided to start a life with the love of your life, and you are ready for ring shopping. Inspired Engagement Rings

But, there are so many options to browse from before finding that ring that is “just right.” Of course, you want something that is not only beautiful but special too. Inspired Engagement Rings

Inspired Engagement Rings Or, you want something unique, something that stands out from the other rings that you find in jewellery stores. Getting a ring is as important as getting down on one knee and slipping it on or saying yes when he eventually asks the question. Engagement Rings

It is something you will wear every day into the life you will build together, and every time you look down on your finger, it will remind you of that special moment when you decided to spend the rest of your life with your significant other. Inspired Engagement Rings

To help you narrow down your choices and bring out the best, even if you are working with a budget, here are some celebrity-inspired engagement rings that have wowed the world and left people in awe. Engagement Rings

Celebrity Inspired Engagement Rings

Inspired Engagement Rings

Blake Lively’s engagement ring

Although she got married to popular actor Ryan Reynolds a few years ago, the queen of red carpet Blake Lively’s engagement ring is one celebrity-inspired ring that began a trend. Inspired Engagement Rings

The oval-cut pink diamond with a slim pave diamond band looked gorgeous when she showed it to the world. Blake told British Vogue that her ring was her most treasured possession because of the love it symbolizes and the fact that Reynolds didn’t ask for her help in picking it. The 12-carat oval diamond is estimated to be just over $2 million. Inspired Engagement Rings

Made by Hollywood’s favourite jeweller, Lorraine Schwartz, the impressive twelve carats sparkling ring made from some of the rarest coloured diamonds in the world that took the world on a dazzling trip and left us in awe and has undoubtedly set the carpets rolling for rose gold band trends for future brides. Inspired Engagement Rings

Inspired Engagement Rings

Megan Markle’s three-stone ring

Inspired Engagement Rings Married to Harry, Duke of Sussex, Markle’s three-stone ring is a timeless piece that features a centre diamond flanked by two diamonds on each side. The three-stone ring, also known as the trilogy ring, blends both the traditional with the modern.

Inspired Engagement Rings The 8-carat ring is said to be worth approximately 350 000 dollars. And let’s not forget the meaning behind the ring. Along with its dazzling beauty fit for a princess, the trilogy ring represents a couple’s past, present, and future they have together. It signifies friendship, love, and fidelity; the time before now, the time now, and the future ahead. 

Who doesn’t want a ring that reminds you of the beautiful future you have ahead and the promise of love and commitment with your significant other? The Lyra diamond stone is one of the many three-stone engagement rings inspired by Megan Markle’s trilogy ring. Inspired Engagement Rings

James Packer and Mariah Carey

Although the two are no longer together, this list would not be complete without mentioning the $10 million 35 carat diamond ring that Packer gave Mariah. Inspired Engagement Rings

At the time, the jeweller and designer Wilfredo Rosado said he wanted to “create the gorgeous ring for my dear friend, but I also wanted to create the most stunning ring for one of the most iconic divas of our generation.” Inspired Engagement Rings

Although the singer sold the ring a year after they separated, the ring that was the talk of the town for a very long time has inspired many others to have their own Mariah Carey engagement ring design. Inspired Engagement Rings

Inspired Engagement Rings

Beyoncé’s Engagement Ring

Inspired Engagement Rings It is no news that whatever the queen does, she does it in style. Her 18 carats engagement ring, designed by Lorraine Schwartz, has inspired many ring trends over the years. Inspired Engagement Rings

Valued at $5 million, the emerald cut diamond ring with a platinum split-shank feature; the shank splits into two and creates two metal pieces stemming from the stone at the centre is the poster picture for elegance and class. Inspired Engagement Rings

Kim Kardashian’s $4 million rings

The reality show star and entrepreneur’s 15 carats engagement ring was designed by famous jeweller and designer Lorraine Schwartz. Inspired Engagement Rings Described as “perfect,” the ring is a stunning oval design with a massive stone at the centre. One notable thing about this ring is its flawlessness. It is a Type IIa cushion-cut diamond that leaves little room for impurities. Engagement Rings

Serena Williams’ Halo ring

Worth around $2million, Serena’s engagement ring features a large emerald cut with two smaller stones on the side. The halo ring and its three stones represent; the past, the present, and the future. Inspired Engagement Rings Other couples have also used the halo ring to signify the start of a new lot together, fidelity and love that encompasses friendship. Engagement Rings

Inspired Engagement Rings

Paris Hilton’s engagement rings

Talking about one of Paris rings would be neglecting the others that made headlines and left the rest of the world in awe. Her first engagement in 2002 to Jason Shaw gave us a sizeable pear-shaped diamond on a gold band. Then in May of 2005, she got engaged to Greek heir, Paris Latsis, with a 24-carat ring that was said to have cost around $5 million that left the media buzzing. Inspired Engagement Rings

Inspired Engagement Rings She made headlines again in 2018 when she showed off her stunning, show-stopping ring that featured a sizeable pear-shaped centre stone encompassed by a halo of diamonds with a double diamond pave band, an engagement ring from actor Chris Zylka. Inspired Engagement Rings

And when fans thought it was all over and the American media personality would never take anyone down the aisle, she gave us yet another surprise when she got engaged to businessman Carter Reum. Inspired Engagement Rings The ring, a “10 to 20-carat emerald cut centre stone framed by two shield cut diamonds, all fit in a tension setting,” was designed by Jean Dousset. 

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