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If you are in the market for colour gemstones, engagement rings are likely that you are about to be engaged, are engaged or know someone who is about to be. Congratulations! (Even if you are not buying it for you, pass it to the couple) Your engagement is a big step in your life. Gemstone Engagement Rings

We wish you all the joy you can have. Do we understand that engagements are significant events in our lives, and what better way to announce your love to the world than a coloured gemstone engagement ring? Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings Coloured gemstones are fantastic. Everyone wants one. Here are things you should know about these emblems of love. Gemstone Engagement Rings

Buying Guide Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

Why Go For A Coloured Gemstone Engagement Ring?

Here is one reason you should go for coloured gemstone engagement rings —they are fantastic! What is there not to love? Their colours rock! The world of gemstones is colourful. It is a hue of all colours: violet, deep blue like the sea, deep red like flushing wine!

Naturally, humans are drawn to colourful things. Research has shown that our attention is drawn to bright and colourful items. They can’t escape our sight. Now, do you get the human obsession with coloured gemstone engagement rings?

Engagement Rings Just like colours have their significance, gemstones symbolize various things across cultures. You could get your partner a ruby engagement ring. Ruby burns red with love. 

It represents passion and courage. If you go for emerald rings, it says faithful to the very end. Sapphire rings signify sincerity and truthfulness. Or you could go for the symbol of eternal love—diamonds! Gemstone Engagement Rings

Whatever coloured gemstone you go for, it has a message for your love.

Gemstones can be affordable too. You don’t have to spend so much to express your love. If you look beyond the costlier precious stones and settle for cheaper semi-precious stones due to your budget, it is all good. There are semi-precious stones that can pass off as precious stones. Gemstone Engagement Rings

For Sapphire, it is tanzanite. You can still get that lovely deep blue you want but less expensively. For rubies, you could go for garnets or spinels. Spinels look so much like rubies that rulers over the centuries often mistook them for rubies. Some of the world-famous rubies were spinel! Gemstone Engagement Rings

As for emeralds, you could go for tsavorite. Not just that it looks like an emerald, it can be brighter and more durable too. And as for diamonds, you have a wide range of options.

Morganite engagement rings could pass off as pink diamond gems. If blue is your thing, but your budget can’t size in a blue diamond, choose a blue zircon. They are often mistaken for blue diamonds and are cheaper.

Engagement Rings


Not only do you want to get a coloured gemstone engagement ring, but you also want one that would last for you. It would be best if you had durability. Your emblem of eternal love shouldn’t be short-lived. It might mean bad luck!

You got to choose a hardy gem.  Jewelry A gem that would resist the pressures you go through in the course of your day. Gemstone Engagement Rings

You need a gemstone that withstands that, at least moderately. No jewellery is invincible. The durability of gemstones is measured in the Moh scale. It shows the degree of hardness of a gemstone on a scale of one to ten.

At one is talc. Engagement Rings Diamonds are the strongest minerals on earth. So, naturally, they are at ten. Diamonds are so hard that it takes a diamond to scratch a diamond.

Sapphire and rubies are at nine. They are hardy too. If you are in the market for either of these and see any gem that looks like them but is scratched, it is sure to find out if it is a fake! Run your key across it. Engagement Rings

If it is legit, it shouldn’t scratch. This is a useful tip for the next time you go shopping. The hardness of these gemstones makes them ideal for a long life of service. They can even become heirlooms. Gemstone Engagement Rings

Less durable semi-precious stones like spinel, which is at eight, zircon, service and tourmaline (all at 7.5) can serve well with more dedication and care on your part. Gemstone Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

Know Your 4 “C”s Of Gemstone Jewellery

In the gemstone jewellery market, gems are appraised with 4 “C”s: cut, carat, colour and clarity. You should know your four “C”s that way; you can tell the value of gems yourself.

Cut refers to how the gemstone has been cut into shape. What is the shape of the gemstone? Is it round, oval, octagonal or hexagonal? Gems are cut to emphasize brilliance. Gemstone Engagement Rings

The clarity of gemstones depends on the amount of foreign matter. Engagement Rings All-natural gemstones have a degree of foreign matter. This affects the clarity. The clearer the gemstones, the more the value.

Carat means the weight of the gemstones. Sometimes, gemstones can be valued based on size. Engagement Rings Some gemstones are intentionally cut to give the appearance of size. This kind of gemstone can provide you with satisfaction at cheaper rates.

Colour in the gemstone market is essential. It is discussed as in hue, conferred in three headings: hue, saturation and tone. Does hue mean what colour they are? Engagement Rings

Sapphires are often dark blue. The hue of gemstones can be used to differentiate them from each other.  Engagement Rings It can also be used to value them, as in saturation. What is the intensity of the colour?

How much colour is in it? The more saturated a gem is, the higher the value of the gem and vice versa. Tone refers to the brightness or darkness of a gemstone.Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings


Note to compare the prices of jewellery stores that way you can get the better deal once you get the gemstone your heart so desires, remember to clean it regularly. Engagement Rings

That way, it remains in excellent condition all the time. You might also check with your jeweller to find the setting style of the engagement ring that is just for you. Gemstone Engagement Rings

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