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Trends may come and go, yet somehow silver always remains in high demand in the jewelry market. Silver, along with has been the obsession of humans for centuries. There are several companies that work on silver making necklaces, bangles, rings in several designs according to customers’ tastes.

There are many reasons why many jewelers opt for silver. Compared to gold, silver is more common. It is cheaper. Its unique luster, like shiny grey, remains a great attraction. This neutral luster allows the silver to fit various attires. Compared to gold jewelry, silver is light and less likely to cause pain after prolonged use. Also, the fact that silver is more complex than gold and resilient makes the ideal jewelry.

Silver in jewelry is often combined with other metals to make stronger alloys that can be worked on. These silver alloys include sterling silver stamped.925, Britannia silver stamped .958, which are widely used in jewelry. If you are out looking for the best silver jewelry, it goes without saying that you need dedicated manufacturers to help bring your desired designs to life. Here are some guidelines to help you find that ideal silver manufacturer.

How to Find a Reliable Silver Jewelry Manufacturer to Produce Your Designed Jewelry

Know Your Prospective Manufacturers.

This is a foremost concern. You got to know who you are conducting business with. You should know this before a transaction. Find out if it is a legitimate business. If it is registered, it is probably fair. Please find out the services they render. What are their prices?

What is the nature of their products?

You might want to check out their services using trial orders. Place small orders. If you do not like the trial order, then you are very flexible to switch to other wholesalers without losing too much financially. Ask those who have worked with them, are they dedicated to making designs for their customers?

 Silver Jewelry

Where is their physical location?

Check out their website for a description of their materials; check for fakes. You should know what others say about them by reading reviews. Know the background story of the company. It gives you an idea of what drives them. See if it aligns with yours. Silver Jewelry

What Type Of silver do you want to work with?

Silver in jewelry often comes in the form of alloys, and this makes it durable and workable. Such alloys such as the popular sterling silver stamped 925 and Britannia silver (958). Mexican silver, coin silver( alloy of ninety percent silver and ten percent copper), Fine .999 Silver, Nickel silver, and Argentium Silver and Non-Tarnish Alloys. Not all manufacturers offer your preferred silver alloy. If you are looking at sterling silver like so many others, make sure it is stamped 925(As in 92.5% pure silver) as some dubious characters try to pass off imitations or other related alloys as sterling silver. Silver Jewelry

Compare prospective manufacturers.

If you are going for silver-based products, you want the best out there. So to find the manufacturer you need, you have got to compare and contrast various manufacturers. Your criteria should include price. Find out which company offers a more affordable price. Although, beware of unrealistically low prices as that could be an indication of a counterfeit product. Better to stick with manufacturers that offer average prices with good services. Silver Jewelry

Which manufacturer runs a return policy? You may need that. Also, find out which is more timely. It is no use if what you order never arrives on time. Which company is more open to the designs of customers, or are they more of mass producers? Look out for manufacturers whose top-notch customer service. If they don’t respect you, they probably won’t respect your designs.
Availability Of Material. Silver Jewelry

If you are looking for a manufacturer of silver, it is worth knowing where the company gets its source of silver. If the manufacturer is based in a country with an abundance of silver, such as Thailand, their prices would be lower than those without. Plus, you want to know that your prospective manufacturer has a steady supply of silver; that way, you don’t keep your customers on wait or disappointed. Silver Jewelry

How Skilled is Their Designing Team?

You need a company that would make your vision of silver jewelry to life. Therefore you got to find how qualified their designers are. Has their expertise been proven in the handling of diverse designs? You can check out their website. See the designs they have done with silver. It should help you come to a decision. Silver Jewelry


You cannot afford to remove communication from the equation. It is essential in the jewelry business. You must connect with your manufacturers as that helps to pass on designs. It is crucial they key into your idea full-heartedly. However, beyond that, you need a reliable communication channel when things don’t go as planned. There may be errors in delivery, delays, or dissatisfaction with designs. When times like this happen, it is imperative that you have a way to communicate to your manufacturer, leading to prompt action. Your complaints should be considered. Silver Jewelry Go with the Company that goes with the trend.

So if you want to make a profit, your designs ought to be trendy, especially if you’re into fashion jewelry. You find what your customers want in fashion magazines, blogs, and forums.
With this in mind, you also need a manufacturer who is going with the flow of the market. There are manufacturers who are primarily into Fine jewelry and vintage and so not so bent on trends. If you are for fashion jewelry then, you would be better off finding manufacturers of like mind and keep giving the people what they want. Silver Jewelry


Finding the silver jewelry manufacturer just for you isn’t exactly a walk in the park. However, remember to follow these guidelines: get a manufacturer with diverse designs, great prices, and services. With fabulous communication channels, professional teams, commitment, and the silver alloy you want. Do this, and you might make the best of your time in the silver jewelry business. Good luck.

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